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Queen Michelle’s Big Sacrifice

October 5, 2009 Leave a comment

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pic4I guess the International Olympic Committee can learn a lot about us if they just took under advisement from actor James Denton’s quote, “I think it’s important that the rest of the world know that we’re not all the same and that we don’t all have the sort of arrogance it feels like they’re perceiving from our leaders.”

And that is exactly what happened when the first lady flew to Copenhagen to give her schpeel in bringing the 2016 Olympic Games to Chicago. Her presentation was gut wrenching to say the least. The world listened and contemplated, wondering if the games were more for her than for all of us. You may want to cut a small picture of Michelle, open your dictionary to the word “narcissist” and paste her face next to the definition.

But before I talk about our first lady’s vainglorious attitude toward the Olympic committee, there was something Michelle said prior to her jaunt overseas that made me feel this plan was doomed to fail:

As much of a sacrifice as people say this is for me or Oprah or the president to come for these few days…”

Sacrifice? What did she mean by sacrifice? Was it too much of a sacrifice to be waited on hand and foot? Or the hardship our first lady had to face when she was fitted for custom-made outfits? I can’t begin to imagine the burden Michelle had to bear when she sat in a comfortably private Boeing 757, drinking her favorite beverage and eating her favorite delicacies resting on china dishes cooked by top chefs. How was she able to fight off the struggle? It must have been unbearable!

Give me a break!

In the hardest of times, while unemployment is skyrocketing and people are finding themselves standing in long lines of soup kitchens so their families can eat; when our soldiers are fighting in Afghanistan and being killed in the name of freedom, Michelle and her hubby were living it up in Copenhagen at our expense. But hey, our first lady wants you to believe it was “a sacrifice” and we should just suck it up, bow down before them, and appreciate their fight to bring the Olympic Games which if you think about it, the games would ultimately cost Illinoisans billions upon billions of dollars in revenue loss – in the tune of $5 billion.

Global Warming Only Applies to Us Peasants

According to FOX News, the effort and energy needed to make the president and first lady’s quick trips to Copenhagen possible could be considered Olympic-sized by some estimates. The approximate cost of flying Air Force One round trip for 18 hours calculates to more than $1.2 million — roughly $67,000 per hour.

The estimated greenhouse gas emissions of Air Force One for that trip amount to more than 1 million pounds of carbon dioxide. Compare that to a roundtrip on Amtrak from New York to Washington D.C. emits 220 pounds of carbon dioxide. The president’s trip is the equivalent to 4,500 of those roundtrips.

The Boeing 757 the first lady rode separately emits nearly 374,000 pounds of carbon dioxide.

Those figures do not include the operational costs or emissions of the several passenger and cargo aircraft that accompany Air Force One with staff and equipment.

Copenhagen, by the way, will be the location for the climate change summit in December. No word yet on whether the president will attend.

Al Gore, the “guru wannabe” of environmental protection, wouldn’t mind all the emissions the president and his wife produced in the air, He pulls the same stunt whenever he goes on his “end of the world” tour.

Does Illinoisans Want the Games

Believe it or not, most Illinoisans prefer the Olympic Games stay away from Chicago, or anywhere in Illinois for that matter. In the past, every state which held these games lost tons of revenue, their respective citizens picking up the tab through increases in taxes.

Illinois is not willing to take the chance. Chicago’s infamous corrupt mayor, Richard Daley, assured the residents of Chicago that no increases in tax revenue will occur. Crafty like a fox however, Dailey never mentions how he proposed to pay the debt if the Olympics becomes a bust. He may not raise the personal tax but he never mentions raising business taxes. He is indeed a sneaky fellow.

Its only fair play that Brazil should welcome the 2016 Games. They never had the opportunity to host an Olympic event and as one blogger who just returned from that country wrote, “Having just returned from Rio, the Olympic spirit is in the heart of everyone there. It is not only a wonderful setting to stage the games but the benefits are enormous.”

Who to Blame

So, who is to blame for Chicago’s loss? Not only that, who is to blame for picking Chicago first in elimination?

Well, according to my very own Illinois senator, Roland Burris, our lost can be blamed on George W. Bush. The number of times the president and the Democrats continuously blame Bush for their calamities, one wonders if Bush is still president. I am guessing this excuse now replaces the traditional “my dog ate it” excuse.

But let’s take it one step further. The fringe media, including the fringe newspapers, blame the loss to the republicans. Republicans? Can you believe it? A political party which has inferior power in both the House and Senate all of a sudden was able to convince the world not to pick Chicago. This conspiracy theory is just as bad as all other conspiracies.

This is a dark day for America? No Schultz, a dark day in America is the need for more troops in Afghanistan and our president is just kicking dirt around unsure if he should send troops. And as always Eddie, you lied. You have your parties confused. The republicans have never failed the troops. It was the extreme leftists who wanted the war stopped with our heads down in defeat.

And then the representative of my own state, Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), made this stupid remark when asked about her feelings that the republicans were happy that Obama was not able to bring the Olympics to Chicago:

“Well, imagine how the president not gone to Copenhagen, then of course they [republicans] would have blamed him for not working hard enough to get the Olympics.”

That is hogwash. Follow the video again. You will find that several republicans talk about the need for Obama to focus on the various issues our nation is faced with. They did not mention ANYTHING about the Olympics and his failure capturing it for America.

I tell you. These liberal no-brainers are not very good at twisting words.

Here is a primer of how the fringe media responded when the announcement came that Chicago was the first to be eliminated, especially from CNN:

“Madrid is still in. Tokyo is still in. Wait a minute. Chicago is out?” Boo-hoo.

After nine tiring months, this administration and the far left continue to find ways to fault our last president. Every time a pie is thrown in their face, all we hear is that it was Bush’s fault. Don’t you think its time for them to push aside their self righteous attitudes and finally admit guilt? I do.

No the real fault here, in my opinion, is the continued smug appearances coming from the Obama’s. Michelle stood before the committee and, like the president, pushed her pronouns of “I” and “me” down the committee’s throats. In a speech that comprised of 6 short minutes and 41 sentences long, Michelle mentions herself 44 times! When the president spoke, that number rose to 70. Maybe, just maybe, we need to change the name from the United States of America to the “United States of Obama.” How ridiculous.

And that my friend, is the underlying problem. They did not represent us. They went to Copenhagen to represent their pompous egos.

What is “Sacrifice?”

According to the Webster dictionary, sacrifice is “to surrender or give up, or permit injury.” Sacrificing is willfully extending your hand out for another in need. Sacrificing is working long hours with very little time spent with your family but knowing they have food on the table. Sacrificing is our soldiers fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq in the name of freedom.

Being catered to hand and foot every day is not a sacrifice. Having taxpayers provide you with an all-expense paid trip to Europe is not a sacrifice. Webster calls these “privileges.” I wish someone inside the White House would give Michelle the dust-collecting dictionary that is sitting on the shelf so she can learn the difference between the two.

It is sad that Americans today are experiencing same egotistical people as they did during those days ruled under King George. Americans cannot handle arrogance very well and when we are confronted with it, we turned that arrogance to make them look like fools and cowards. Showing arrogance is a way for us to say you are a buffoon.

Their pretentiousness is so out of control, and other countries are now seeing them for what they truly are. Its time for someone to tell these two to grow up and act like real Americans.