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How You Too Can Win a Nobel Peace Prize

October 14, 2009 Leave a comment

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When I first heard on the radio that Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, I thought, “Oh. I didn’t know Saturday Night Live had their own radio show.”  I mean, really. 12 days into Obama’s presidency, the committee was considering him as a candidate to win the Nobel? Come on people. 12 days! Really?

Well, I suppose congrats are in order. I am not sure what I am congratulating him for. Oh that’s right. The committee said they awarded the prize to Obama for “encouraging” world peace. Why don’t we give the award to every high school student who writes an essay on world peace? Or maybe to all musicians who inspired world peace through their songs. Or better yet, why not present the Nobel to every terrorist nation who, through violence, promotes world peace as long as everyone agrees to their terms?

Come on!

Obama will go down in history as the first president to receive what was once a prestigious award for doing nothing except applying his rhetoric on peace before the world stage. His portrait can now hang in the “Hall of Progressive Shame” with the other two sitting presidents who were awarded the Nobel – Theodore Roosevelt in 1905 and Woodrow Wilson in 1919. Former president Jimmy Carter received an award in 2002 but after his presidency. What the heck. I’ll throw his picture up with these others, too.

If we are just looking at those 12 days, we can say that Obama won the Nobel for apologizing to the Muslim nations for our apparent transgressions. Or how about in Europe where he apologized to them for the sins Americans have committed.

A president who really done NOTHING when it comes to foreign policy.

So what is the real message the committee, and all of Europe for that matter, is sending us? Well first, they are ecstatic that our last president is no longer in office. And second, they revel on the idea that we now have a president who grovels before their very feet.

I mean, how else did he win this award? We are still in Iraq. We are still fighting in Afghanistan. There are still prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. Nothing has change since Bush left.

So, can someone tell me why this president won?

Norwegians are “slightly batty people.”

Many have said that when it comes to politics, Norwegians are kind of batty. I guess they do not understand how American achievement works and how infuriated we would become with the notion of giving someone a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing.

Please understand, I am not attacking Obama as a person. I am not even attacking the president for having the award. I am attacking the committee for giving an award such as a Nobel for doing absolutely nothing. This act is an insult to many Americans.

It sends a message around the world that we are a bunch of cry babies if we don’t get our way.

There were five contenders that went up for consideration before the Nobel Peace Prize committee. Five who “acted” on their every day struggles. Some who gave up their freedom to fight their cause. All of them who came close to losing their lives in the name of peace:

Hu Jia (China): This Chinese dissident and pro-democracy activist had been widely expected to win the Nobel Peace Prize. An outspoken critic of the Beijing regime, Mr Hu was jailed last year for “inciting subversion” before the Olympic games. He is now serving a sentence of three and a half years.

Piedad Cordoba (Colombia): A leading figure in the Colombian peace movement, Senator Piedad Cordoba has mediated talks between the country’s Right-wing government and Marxist rebels styling themselves the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). Senator Cordoba’s efforts have led directly to the release of hostages held by the FARC in the rainforest.

Prince Ghazi bin Mohammed (Jordan): A scion of the Jordanian royal family, Prince Ghazi is a philosopher who has taken the lead in inter-faith dialogue in the Middle East. Prince Ghaz promotes reconciliation between the Abrahamic faiths of Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

Zackie Achmat (South Africa): This HIV-positive campaigner founded the Treatment Action Campaign in South Africa. Its goal was to force the previous government under Thabo Mbeki to provide life-saving drugs to all South Africans who needed them.

Community of Sant’Egidio (Italy): The Community of Sant’Egidio, an Italian Catholic organisation which specialises in resolving conflicts in the developing world. Its mediators have played a key role in ending several brutal wars, notably Mozambique’s civil conflict which ended in 1992.

And then, there is Obama.

The Nobel Peace Prize has become a joke.

In recent years, the Nobel has lost its luster when one looks at the past winners. The committee has given out this award to crackpots, moon bats and tyrants. One was Le Duc Tho who won the award in the early 1970’s for his major part of forming the Vietnamese Communist Party. They gave the award to Jimmy Carter in 2002 and explicitly said the reason he was awarded was just to tweak George W. Bush. In the 1980’s the committee gave a peace award to Mikhail Gorbachev for tearing down the Berlin Wall, which if I remember correctly, it was Ronald Reagan who demanded the Soviet Union to tear down the wall. Just a few years ago, a Guatemalan peasant woman received an award for her life story only to find out it was all fabricated. The committee never asked for the prize back. And how can we not forget Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat who won the Nobel for peace after knowing him as a terrorist and murderer, killing hundreds of men, women and children in the name of Islam.

Ah, but the one award that got my goat was to former vice president Al Gore for running a global warming racket. His moneymaking scheme of his “end-of-the-world” philosophy beat out a German woman who worked in the Warsaw Ghetto during the Nazi occupation and through many struggles, she managed to smuggle out babies by placing them inside her tool box. She knew what the Germans were planning to do. She successfully smuggled over 2,500 Jewish children before she was caught by Germans where they broke both her legs and beaten her severely. She never received the Nobel.

Of course there are a couple of notable people that you would think were sure winners to the Nobel but ended up on the “loser list.” Gandhi is one of them. The Nobel committee even criticized him for playing a dual role as a peace activist and a political leader. Albert Einstein did receive an award, but not for his already famous Theory of Relativity. Mother Theresa who practically gave the shirt off her back to feed the poor was another omission.

As you can see, the Nobel has become a real political joke.

Find your Nobel Prize on EBay.

At one time, the Nobel Peace Prize meant something. It meant you strived with blood and sweat to achieve a goal. It meant you put your own life on the line to meet a desirable objective. Winning the Nobel was recognition from the world that you achieved what was once thought to be the impossible.

Today, I believe the Nobel Peace Prize is nothing more than a gift to the most arrogant, self righteous people of the world. The idea to praise such people forces Americans to look upon the Nobel as a cheap and tawdry medal of worthlessness. We truly revile against such winners because of their “better than thou” attitudes, even if that winner is our very own president who has done nothing but thinks he has done everything. We are a nation of believing you must achieve a common good to receive some kind of recognition. No one receives an award in this country for being pouty.

So to that I say congratulation President Obama, I guess.