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UPDATE!!! The House Voted – Who are the “75” That Support ACORN?

September 18, 2009 1 comment

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The House voted yesterday 345-75 to block further funding to ACORN. I wonder what kind of hidden agenda the “75” who voted against the block has with this corrupt organization. You may want to reconsider these individuals in the 2010 election. This bill and the Senate’s recent bill will need to merge and then the president signs off on it (that will be interesting since Obama is a big ACORN fan).

It will take several months for the whole process to be completed. In the meantime, tell your representatives and senators who voted for support with ACORN that they have lost their support with you!


Grijalva, Raul, 7th District


Becerra, Xavier, 31st District

Filner, Bob, 51st District

Honda, Mike, 15th District

Lee, Barbara, 9th District

Roybal-Allard, Lucille, 34th District

Sanchez, Linda, 39th District

Sherman, Brad, 27th District

Stark, Fortney Pete, 13th District

Waters, Maxine, 35th District

Watson, Diane E., 33rd District

Waxman, Henry, 30th District

Woolsey, Lynn, 6th District


DeGette, Diana, 1st District

Polis, Jared, 2nd District


Brown, Corrine, 3rd District

Castor, Kathy, 11th District

Wexler, Robert, 19th District


Lewis, John, 5th District

Scott, David, 13th District


Hirono, Mazie K., 2nd District


Burris, Roland (Senator)

Davis, Danny K., 7th District

Durbin, Dick (Senator)

Jackson Jr., Jesse L., 2nd District

Rush, Bobby L., 1st District

Schakowsky, Jan, 9th District


Carson, André, 7th District


Cummings, Elijah, 7th District

Edwards, Donna F., 4th District


Kilpatrick, Carolyn, 13th District


Ellison, Keith, 5th District

McCollum, Betty, 4th District


Thompson, Bennie G., 2nd District


Cleaver, Emanuel, 5th District


Holt, Rush, 12th District

Pallone Jr., Frank, 6th District

Pascrell Jr., Bill, 8th District

Payne, Donald M., 10th District

Sires, Albio, 13th District


Crowley, Joseph, 7th District

Engel, Eliot, 17th District

Gillibrand, Kristen (Senator)

Hinchey, Maurice, 22nd District

Leahy, Patrick (Senator)

Meeks, Gregory W., 6th District

Nadler, Jerrold, 8th District

Rangel, Charles B., 15th District

Serrano, José E., 16th District

Slaughter, Louise, 28th District

Towns, Edolphus, 10th District

Velázquez, Nydia M., 12th District


Butterfield, G.K., 1st District

Price, David, 4th District


Fudge, Marcia L., 11th District

Kucinich, Dennis J., 10th District


Casey, Robert (Senator)

Brady, Robert, 1st District

Doyle, Mike, 14th District

Fattah, Chaka, 2nd District


Whitehouse, Sheldon (Senator)


Clyburn, James E., 6th District


Green, Al, 9th District

Jackson Lee, Sheila, 18th District

Johnson, Eddie Bernice, 30th District


Sanders, Bernie (Senator)


Moran, Jim, 8th District

Scott, Robert C. “Bobby”, 3rd District


Larsen, Rick, 2nd District

McDermott, Jim, 7th District


Mollohan, Alan B., 1st District

Rahall, Nick, 3rd District


Baldwin, Tammy, 2nd District

Moore, Gwen, 4th District


Where is the Nearest Brothel? The Seven Who Approve of ACORN

September 17, 2009 1 comment

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Obama’s buddies at the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) have crossed the line from community activists to scandalous advocates. Some damaging videos have cropped up which anyone would question as to why the President of the United States would associate himself with a repulsive organization.

From the Bill O’Reilly Show, here are some talking points about ACORN and the latest events that took place:

  • ACORN is a nationwide activist organization that has reportedly received $53 million in federal tax money since 1994 and millions more in state and local grants. ACORN is set up to help poor Americans buy homes, and it also registers folks to vote, almost always for the Democratic Party.
  • As of September 10, nine states have charged ACORN employees with crimes. There have been at least 30 convictions.rathke
  • In the year 2000, ACORN discovered that one of its members, Dale Rathke, the brother of ACORN leader Wade Rathke, had embezzled close to $1 million from the organization. ACORN declined to press charges, an incredible occurrence.
  • “The Factor” and the Glenn Beck program traced millions in ACORN donations and grants to an abandoned funeral home in New Orleans. Based on information we provided to Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell, a state investigation is now underway.
  • That’s the background. Now for the latest scandal.
  • Because federal authorities have not done much policing of ACORN, two private citizens, James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles, launched an undercover sting operation themselves. The two posed as a prostitute and a pimp and asked a number of ACORN officials to help them get housing for a prostitution enterprise. The latest sting was in California, where an ACORN employee engaged the young woman posing as a prostitute:

So there you have it. We have ACORN employees advising people in underage sex trafficking and setting up brothels to house these teenage girls. It doesn’t get much worse than that. Or does it?

Similar stings have been conducted in New York, Washington D.C. and Maryland, and a few ACORN employees have been fired. But ACORN officials don’t seem very repentant.

In New York:

In Washington DC:

In Baltimore:

Part 1

Part 2

Sources say there are more videos to come. I can’t imagine it being any worse than what we have seen.

ACORN not only gives a green light to tax fraud, but they have no problems assisting someone to run a brothel with teenage girls as whores! But that is not all of it.

Media attention on ACORN in the last 8 months has been lackadaisical to say the least. Only FOX News has been airing ACORN’s shenanigans repeatedly. Below is a chart that shows how many times ACORN was covered with each agency. Clearly you can see why stations such as CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, and CBS are not named the mainstream media but “DUMMY STREAM MEDIA.”

acorn media

Just recently, the Senate passed a bill to stop any future funding to this organization. Any American would demand such action. The vote was 83-7. Wait a minute. Who were the 7 senators that thought funding should continue?

Well, the 7 senators who voted against the block were Robert Casey (D-PA), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), Patrick Leahy (D-NY), Bernie Sanders (I-VT) Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), and my two favorite scumbags from my own state – Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Roland Burris (D-IL).

On Chicago’s WLS-AM, morning talk show host Don Wade speculated the reason the two dummycrats (and they definitely set the profile as dummycrats) who voted against the block. He believed it was to protect Obama’s credibility since he played a major role with ACORN during his early years. In November 2007, Obama said this:

“I’ve been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career. Even before I was an elected official . . . when I ran [the] Project Vote voter registration drives in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it, and we appreciate your work.”

Although Obama worked with ACORN, I want to believe he was not part of this corruption (I may be wrong since he is part of the “Chicago political machine”). In my opinion, both Durbin and Burris are extortionists taking advantage of the political circuit at the expense of the Illinois taxpayers. But what’s new about that?

I tried contacting the two senators several times to no avail. All I received was voice recordings. Burris’ voicemail said it was full; Durbin’s only gave office hours and does not give you an option to leave a message. Go figure. These are my representatives. Never available to help ANY Illinoisans if a problem arises.

Now, on another Bill O’Reilly show, a FOX reporter pursued one of my favorite Illinois dummycrats, Roland Burris, to find out why he voted against the block. It was funny to watch Burris’ failed attempt to scurry away from this reporter. Watching the clip, I thought Burris was going to have a heart attack, which may be a good thing for the people of Illinois. All Burris said was “I supported ACORN. Its that simple.”

The reporter couldn’t find the other Illinois dummycrat, Durbin. I guess Durbin found out that a reporter was on the hunt and quickly hid under his desk while sucking his thumb. Typical. Anyway, here are the responses of the other senators who were against the block:

Kirsten Gillibrand’s (D-NY) office –

“While Senator Gillibrand finds the actions of certain ACORN employees to be reprehensible and will ask ACORN leaders for a full investigation and plan to prevent any further abuse, the truth remains that thousands of New York families who are facing foreclosure depend on charitable organizations like ACORN for assistance. Senator Gillibrand believes that eliminating funding for the important programs that ACORN provides would be harmful to the thousands of hard working New Yorkers who need extra assistance in the middle of this economic crisis.”

Patrick Leahy (D-NY) –

“If somebody done something stupid, they should be fired. If they done something illegal, they should be prosecuted.”

Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) –

“I think if we cut our funding to every single organization that had junior members in a mass organization, we’d lose a lot of regular organizations.”

Bernie Sanders (I-VT) –

“Now if you open a can of worms, and you start arguing about which particular organizations are going to get federal funding – you know what – that’s what we’re going to be doing. So I think its more important to focus on why the middle class is collapsing and how we can address that problem.”

Bottom line, sounds like a lot of rhetorical nonsense to me.

Here is the bigger question. Will US attorney general Eric Holder plan to investigate ACORN? Will he prosecute or will he set precedent and become a lame duck once again, similar to when he dropped all charges on the Black Panthers who used voter intimidation during the last election (read more about it from my article on Eric Holder)? I am going to guess that old Eric will say he is too busy prosecuting innocent CIA agents. I know, shocking. Not really though.

Personally, I believe all 7 senators see no problems with having underage girls as sex slaves or defrauding the government. They believe their votes were justifiable to the cause. Maybe, just maybe, all 7 senators will get thrown out of office and they can start their own brothel and underage prostitution ring. Heck, I’ll promote their first billboard:


There are many good nonprofit organizations who work day and night to keep their causes alive. I am sure they could use the $8.5 billion previously set aside for the corrupt ACORN organization. It appears though these 7 can’t find the time or place to consider another worthy cause. How about we make their lives a little easier and vote them out of office. That way everybody will be happy.