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Jones, Van – Green Jobs Czar “RESIGNED”

September 4, 2009 1 comment

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If you are a true American, what I am about to tell you is going to shock your senses severely. This is about one man, chosen by President Obama, and Obama alone, to be a close adviser of “green jobs.”  But when you see the evidence I am about to present to you, you are going to end up scratching your head with a confused look of our vetting process. If the FBI vetted this man, then you need to ask yourself, what happened to the background checks from the FBI? This is going to make you worry; it will probably make you mad. I would not expect less from any American.

van jonesOn March 10, 2009, Van Jones was appointed by Obama as a special adviser for green jobs at the White House Council on Environmental Quality. This is nothing surprising since the wacko environmentalists have been pushing for something like this for quite some time. However, let’s take a much deeper look at Van Jones’ past and his supposed experience in environmental issues.

During his attendance at Yale Law School, Jones showed up at campus wearing combat boots and carrying a “Black Panther” book bag. He said during his time at Yale that “If I’d been in another country, I probably would have joined some underground guerrilla sect. But as it was, I went on to an Ivy League school.

In 1993, Van Jones was arrested during the Rodney King riots. In jail he “met all of these young radical people of color. I mean really radical; communists and anarchists. And it was like; this is what I need to be a part of.” The charges on Jones were later dropped but he added that “the incident deepened my disaffection with the system and accelerated my political radicalization.” He also made claim that he was a “rowdy nationalist.” In August of the same year, Van Jones announced that he was a communist.

Jones spent the next 10 years as a radical, later forming the group called STORM (Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement), which he held study groups in the Marxists and Lenin tradition. According to STORM’s acclaimed pamphlet titled, “Reclaiming Revolution,” it is written, “All of STORM’s members developed a basic understanding of and commitment to revolutionary Marxist policies with a particular emphasis on the historical experiences of third world communist movements.” The group particularly admired Mao Zedong, who history tells us killed 77 million of his own people.

STORM’s early work was “mobilizing young people of color into militant direct action and combine it with more deeply-rooted organizing in our communities.” Besides their studying within the group, each of the STORM members had side projects. Jones had spun off from this organization to create the Bay Area PoliceWatch, which was later renamed the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in 1996. Ella Baker, an unsung civil rights advocate, went into alliance with the communist organization known as CPUSA (Communist Party of the United States of America). In a CPUSA web site article titled, “A Labor and People’s Landslide is Necessary and Possible,” it gives alarming light of their mission during the 2008 Primaries and General elections:

“The purpose of this report is to discuss how we contribute to the remarkable movement growing in our country, how we can help build the unity needed to defeat the ultra-right with a landslide vote, and how we can build the movement and the Communist Party and YCL [Young Communist League] to achieve bold and sweeping gains in the post-election period. . . .

. . . I can hardly think of a person or family we know who is not facing some crisis about their healthcare or their job closing or maybe losing their home. They all come to the Communist Party for advise, organizing tactics and skills and we must respond directly and also by mobilizing for the elections. . . .

. . . Our 2008 Communist Party election program will be out in May in a short pamphlet format. It will talk about the landslide and expose McCain and the corporate ultra-right. It will present a bold emergency program to repair, restore and rebuild our country out of the devastation of the last 30 years including strong measures to relieve the victims of the crisis. It will introduce the Communist Party and our vision for socialism.”

Notice the second paragraph of the excerpt. Issues of health care, job loss, and foreclosures mentioned. Without sounding like a conspiracy nut job, I must ask, has the Communist Party infiltrated the White House?

Back tracking for a moment, STORM reacted to the devastation on 9/11. In their pamphlet, it talks about holding a vigil – “The vigil was to be an expression of solidarity with Arab- and Muslim-Americans and of the mourning for the dead in New York and Washington D.C. as well as the victims of U.S. imperialism around the world. The vigil, held in Oakland’s Snow Park, drew hundreds of people. There, STORM members articulated a strong, anti-imperialist line that resonated with everyday people there.”

Later, Jones signed a petition with the “9/11 Truthers,” an organization that believed the US government knew full well what was going to happen on that particular day and decided not do anything to stop it. In the petition, Jones and the rest of the Truthers demanded for an “immediate inquiry into evidence that suggests high-level government officials may have deliberately allowed the September 11th attacks to occur.” (Source: 9/11 Truthers website. Look at the list of names and tell me who is #46.)

In January 2008, Jones made this comment, “The environmental justice community that said, ‘Hey, wait a minute, you know, you’re regulating, but you’re not regulating equally.’ And the white polluters and the white environmentalists are essentially steering poison into the people-of-color communities, because they don’t have a racial justice frame.”

In April 2008, during a radio interview, Jones commented on this:

“Right now we’re saying we want, uh, to move from suicidal gray capitalism to some kind of uh, eco-capitalism where, uh, you know, at least we’re not, you know fast-tracking destruction of the whole planet. . . so the green economy will start off as a small subset and uh, we’re going to push it and push it and push it um, until it becomes the engine for TRANSFORMING THE WHOLE SOCIETY.”

Since then, Jones renounced his association with these organizations, focusing more on environmental issues. He wanted to focus on more green jobs and to find a way of stopping pollution. Adding a social justice to his green job dream, Jones wanted to “build a pipeline from the prison economy to the green economy,” hoping to train rehabilitated convicts to work on environmental jobs.

Yet Jones’ radical viewpoints were far from behind him.  Shortly entering into the White House, Jones was a speaker at a “Power Shift” conference:

What about our immigrant sisters and brothers? What about people who’ve come here from all around the world who we’re willing to have out in the field with poison being sprayed on them because we have the wrong agricultural system, and then we’re willing to poison them and poison the earth to put food on our table but we don’t want to give them rights and we don’t want to give them dignity and we don’t want to give them respect. We need to get down on our knees and thank these Native American communities but also the Latino community, Asian community and every other community that’s willing to come here and help is out because we obviously need some help. We need some wisdom from some place else because what we’ve come up with where don’t make no sense at all. …

This movement is deeper than a solar panel! Deeper than a solar panel! Don’t stop there! Don’t stop there! We’re gonna change the whole system! We’re gonna change the whole thing! […] And our Native American sisters and brothers who were pushed and bullied and mistreated and shoved into all the land we didn’t want, where it was all hot and windy. Well, guess what, renewable energy? Guess what, solar industry? Guess what wind industry? They now own and control 80 percent of the renewable energy resources. No more broken treaties. No more broken treaties. Give them the wealth! Give them the wealth! Give them the dignity. Give them the respect that they deserve. No justice on stolen land. We owe them a debt.”

In May 2009,  Jones commented during a Bentley University interview, “Actually my job is not so dissimilar than my job was before. What I do, can I make it simple, I’m basically a community organizer with the federal family.”

Wondering how Jones excelled in a high position at the White House as a chief adviser to the president, a profile of Jones was printed in the East Bay Express quoting “He still considers himself a revolutionary, just a more effective one.”

Now, remember during Obama’s campaign, Obama claimed a person’s character is based on who he surrounds himself with. So what does this mean when he surrounds himself with Van Jones? I leave that for you to answer.

I want to say that President Obama didn’t know about the history of Van Jones, I really do. And if that statement is true, then I must assume that Obama is in very grave danger as well as the security of our nation. Don’t believe me? Then ask yourself this. If Van Jones is this close to Obama, and Obama is not aware of Jones’ past, how close is Van Jones to getting information such as, lets say, security codes to launch our nuclear weapons? Scary, huh?

And if Obama does know, well, then I need to say that ALL of us are in grave danger of losing our liberties. I have to admit, this is an America first. Never in my life would I dream all of this would happen.

Call the White House switchboard (202-456-1414) and demand them to fire Van Jones. It’s the least all of us can do.