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Rep. Waters, Maxine (D), 35th District

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“Not only are we going to do everything we can to organize and put pressure on the senators — some of whom are Neanderthals — we’re going to say to the president, ‘We want you to use every weapon in your basket in order to get those senators to do what they should be doing,’ ”

August 22, 2009

Town hall meeting at Los Angeles Southwest College

“And so, what I’m looking for is, I’m looking for the very people who carry the signs who are referring to the policies in very, very strange ways like “Obamacare” and “Bury ObamaCare with Kennedy.” I want those people talked to; I want them interviewed. I want journalists to be all over those rallies and those marches with the birthers and the teabaggers. Let’s find out what they think.”

September 16, 2009

Interview on the Bill Press Radio Show

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