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Waking the Sleeping Giant

“You have awakened the sleeping giant.”

The sleeping giant has awakened and we are sick and tired of the shenanigans from you people in Washington. We, the working class, and the majority, has been quiet for too long.

We have asked you to scrub the health care plan. We didn’t tell you to turn it into a socialist ideology.

We grow weary of your inaction, your focus on special interest groups, and the unfortunate raping put us through with the continue increase of taxes. We gave, and gave. Did that make things better? No, of course not. The indigent continued to cry for more free benefits. The special interest groups padded your campaign fund in return for a ridiculous amount of money to fund their stupid ideas.

So we protested. Not like the protests of the past where the leftists provoked violence for their cause. Oh, no. Our protests were peaceful. As American citizens, we were concerned with the way government was spending money. We were concerned the route you and your cronies were taking with our current health care plans to a socialistic industry. We were especially concerned with your disregard of our children and grandchildren and their risk of paying down ridiculous debt.

Why are we concerned? Because we the majority are responsible Americans.

So what did you do next? You brought out your thugs. Your small click from the SEIU and ACORN took it upon themselves in attempting to shut down our first amendment right to assembly and free speech. They used force. They thought they could dominate. They forgot that WE ARE THE MAJORITY.

Did you really think that was going to work? All you created was making the awakened giant become stronger. Who do you think you are dealing with here? WE ARE THE MAJORITY.

We continued our fight. We expressed our anger. But you did not see why we were angry. As one congresswoman expressed, “I just don’t understand.” We laughed at your ignorance and at the same time, our anger grew. It reaffirmed the fact that you ignore us for too long.

You tried to protect yourself by calling us Nazi’s. You tried to break our spirit by saying we were Un-American. You portrayed us as plants because we were too well dressed. Our group multiplied by your ignorant remarks. Your weakness was how you turned your back on us for a very long time. You really do not understand the majority, do you? Or is it that you are afraid to understand us?

Have you figured out what we expect from you? Did you understand what we want from you? WE ARE MAJORITY, and we not going to lie down any more. We are putting a stop to the punching and kicking that has gone on for decades.

We are the Tar and Feather Party. I think you know what that means. You represent US. WE are your boss. We will dictate what bills should pass and what should be thrown out. We will dictate how you should spend OUR money. And you will tell your special interest buddies to go back to their cubby holes. You will tell the welfare to reap the fruits of this nation by working. You WILL heed our words once and for all. “Distributing the wealth” is not in our agenda.

Of course we will not do what our forefathers did when they disagree with a public official and embarrass them by tar and feathering, placing the imbecile on a rail, and parading him out of town. No, no, no. We will use a different type of tar and feathering when the polls open.

We are not republicans or democrats. We are not left or right. We are all of them. We are the majority. We are the TAR AND FEATHER PARTY.

For all of you who are against us, you need to learn a bit of history when we say:


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