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“You have awakened the sleeping giant.”

AMERICANS ARE LIVING IN TRYING TIMES. The leftist elite has taken the helm, trying to persuade the people that government should control our every day lives.  These elected officials are just asinine enough to think we would just sit at leisure and watch them force liberty to her knees. If there is one thing the American people will do regardless of what others will think is fight for the freedoms given to us not only by our Founding Fathers but also by our Creator. It is the one word that drives us to excel in life. It is the one belief we will fight until our last breath.

For quite some time, this minority of elitists have pushed and pushed to get their way. We minded our own business when these individuals were standing on their soapboxes, bellowing and carrying on. We sat there and watch how they would protest, with violence mind you, against a wide range of policies. We didn’t worry. It was their constitutional right.

We watched as elected officials and special interest groups tried to make sweetheart deals behind closed doors with our tax money. Global warming? Yeah, right. Try to convince us of that when their leader, Al Gore, lives in a mansion where he devours 20 times more utilities than the average home. There’s no compassion here for the environment. Yet they want us to continue giving up more of our freedoms to accommodate their luxuries, calling it a “need” we can’t go without. This is just one example.

And what about the indigent? Continually demanding for more money and more services to take care of their family yet refuses to work. If you are reading this, you must have a computer and you shouldn’t be on welfare. Here’s another clue, stop producing offspring until you can get your life together and find a respectable job. Always squandering more money from the middle and upper classes. And now you want free health care. It’s getting preposterous.

So did any of these people stop there? No. Now the current administration brought several bills to light – Cap and Trade, Public Health Care. Propositions that would interfere with OUR family’s lives. They insist to rushing these documents through. It was viable to pass it right away. We haven’t had these bills for over 200 years. Why the urgency now? Give us a break.

Speaking for the majority, we have had enough of your liberal crying and whimpering. It’s time now to treat you like a child and tell you to take a time out. Like we said before, you have pushed us too far.

You have awakened the sleeping giant, the working American, the MAJORITY. You became too complacent in your comfort zone. You kept spending ridiculous amount of our hard earned dollars and hypocritically cried “bloody murder” whenever an opposing viewpoint, a far better perspective, came into play.

So, like me, the giant protested. We didn’t protest for us. Unlike you egotistical buffoons, we objected for our children. We called to question your ludicrous assumptions because of the never-ending deficit you gave us and of which our children will eventually pay dearly. All because of YOU and your narcissistic, wasteful ideas.

Our deficit is beyond repair. Today each person in America would have to forfeit $330,000 to pay the deficit in full! Are you that much of a simpleton? Maybe we need to produce more children to help pay this debt down. But then again, the environmental whackos would be upset because they believe increasing the human race is “irresponsible.” You people don’t know what is up and what is down. No wonder the majority thinks you’re all deranged.

But instead of taking a step back and think about our concerns, you resorted to name-calling. You said we were Nazi’s, brown shirts. You thought we were acting Un-American. You threw in some union thugs, thinking that would stop the masses. You were wrong, weren’t you? You fool. Your actions caused the awakened giant to evolve into a more robust, more resilient force.

Are you so blind to see who taught us to fight for our liberties? Our Founding Fathers did. Their creation of the constitution was the framework for our liberties. They too were thinking of THEIR children, their future generation.

And please, stop it with the race card. We have a black president in the White House. What more do you want? It can’t be much since you took everything from us. Go cry on Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton’s shoulders. We don’t care. If you are using the race card as your last hope for victory, then it’s YOU who is not ready for a black president, not us. We are content regardless of color or creed (where did we see that before – oh yeah, the CONSTITUTION).

Heed our presence. DO NOT stand in the way of our constitutional right to assemble and speak freely. The first amendment applies to ALL of us, not for the select few.  Don’t force us in a corner. We are the MAJORITY, and we will strike back.

Pass the bills we are rebelling against and watch your political careers go up in flames. Watch your special interest groups shrivel up to oblivion. Watch us push hard for the impecunious to work on the streets for their source of income. We will not be messed with. THAT IS A PROMISE.

For all of you who are against us, you need to learn a bit of history when we say:


  1. lisa
    August 19, 2009 at 10:52 am

    Wonderfully said!!!

  2. Janice
    August 19, 2009 at 1:51 pm


  3. truthwithzach
    August 20, 2009 at 12:36 am

    I am zach and here is the truth !

    You keep saying you are a part of the majority but the MAJORITY has decided on change and the MAJORITY is in favor of the public option. Be honest with your readers pls. Our debt isn’t horrible. But it is bad. It can be fixed. REPUBLICANS caused it. A trillion dollar war in iraq ???????…….no liberal would call you a racist but your teammates may be. Ron pauls racist remarks not to mention all the bashing of judge sotomyor. Not to mention all the monkey pictures of obama. You sir may not be but your friends are in question. Now you have our founding fathers who helped build this great country but they were murders and rapists. They stole from the african americans and you show not mention of it. You need not mention that YOUR party are the ones making all the noise.

  4. Robert Day
    August 20, 2009 at 2:12 am

    Sorry Zach. Your comments are somewhat incoherent. The majority has shown itself as the working middle class. They are both democrat and republican but had put their political views on the back burner for this particular cause.

    With all due respect, your analogy of my position is typical of a left-wing extremist where different topics are thrown into the pot at the same time in the attempt to confuse the person you are debating against.

    As for the deficit, you are correct to say about Bush and the Iraq War. Yet you failed to mention Obama, your idol, and how he surpassed spending in such short time when compared to previous presidents.

    Zach, I have heard the race card by many. I am sure your eyes are constantly viewed by the state-ran media. And your warped analogy of our Founding Fathers and stealing from the African-American have proven this case. Did you not realize you just used the race card in that example?

    Is the party making all the noise? If you are referring to the majority then the answer is YES. That is why we are the majority.

    You have lost this debate. You have forgotten, you are going against the majority. And the majority always win. Don’t tread on us.

    Thank you for your response.

    • Weigh & Consider
      December 13, 2009 at 5:26 pm

      Jack, That is just a heap of Trash you are speaking. Give up on the Marxist agitation while you are ahead. We The People are wiseing up to your malignant sort.

  5. truthwithzach
    August 20, 2009 at 3:19 am

    Robert.. This has been a good debate and pls involve me the next time we need to debate an issue because as an american I am all about working together. Thanks for your time.

  6. truthwithzach
    August 21, 2009 at 2:14 am

    You know what Robert after much thought I have come to the conclusion I am not satisfied with the way you made those unfair claims about me being a left extremist and about the race card. It was our founding fathers who were slave owners and it has been swept under the rug so lets not glorify them. On to the bigger issue the majority has been conservative politics crash and burn. The republican solution to health care reform is do nothing. The majority of the conservatives stated they wouldnt even vote for any bill that would be presented by republican leadership. The reason for that is the health insurance companies stand to make record profits year after year escaping medical cost because of “pre existing conditions ” and over charging by doctors and hospitals. The health insurance industry spends 1.8 million a day on capital hill lobbying against health reform. so my friend you are the one buying into sean hannity’s america. That is the TRUTH with Zach.

  7. Robert Day
    August 21, 2009 at 4:44 am

    Well Zach, Your comments do tend to go that way. But it is one’s opinion. As for our Founding Fathers and slavery . . . I would have to say that was the tradition back then. The United States was not the only country to implement this. We can go one step further to say it was African tribesmen who sold these individuals into slavery. So where should we begin the blame? I am sure things we do today will not be acceptable 100 years from now. Does that make us failures? Far from it.

    Preach to me as republican, that is fine. I tend to call myself conservative. The problem with your study on health insurance making a profit, well, I have to say this is a capitalistic society we live in. Why have such companies if they are not in it for a profit. No one is denying that.

    Your side wish to dictate how our health insurance should be handle (read the bill closely – you will find it). This is unacceptable as it is a violation to our liberties. You may fool some but you haven’t fooled the majority.

    Lobbying is another story. I do agree that no lobbying should exist inside the capitol. That includes the liberal side of the table such as environmentalists which I am sure you closely side with. The problem though is if you remove big business, will you also remove your special interest groups? I highly doubt it. My objective here is to attempt to remove ALL of them. The government is representing us, not them. The special interest groups and big businesses are minorities. They do not speak in be half of the majority.

    I am sure you do not agree with these conservative viewpoints and that is okay. I wouldn’t expect a typical liberal, a far-left extremist mind you, to agree with me. And that is why this blog is running.

    We will let the reader determine who is telling the truth.

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